Wearin’ the Blues




“Wearin’ the Blues” is the first cut from the CD, a song penned by the award winning Louisa Branscomb. They first met at IBMA back around 2001 and have shared much music since that time, all the while treasuring a wonderful friendship. “When I Was Yours” was written by one of Janet’s idols, Emmylou Harris, and is perhaps one of her lesser known songs, but a well hidden gem. “Leave it There” is a favorite hymn with a beautiful mes­sage. Janet pays tribute to another of her idols, Hazel Dickens, in the song “Beyond the River Bend”. Janet and Hazel shared a wonderful friendship since meeting at IBMA in 2000. “After You’re Gone” is a song writ­ten by Iris DeMent. It is heartbreaking, yet full of hope, and shares a message of grief and healing. Janet has included two Dottie Rambo songs on this recording – “Remind Me Dear Lord” and “If That Isn’t Love”. “They just seemed to fit the situation, pulling us through all the sad days of the pandemic”, says Janet. “Hear the Voice of My Beloved” is another favorite hymn, written by Bill and Gloria Gaither. “Slippers with Wings” is one of the first songs Janet heard at a bluegrass festival and has always stayed with her, so it was fitting that she recorded it. “At the Feet of God”, penned by Marty Stuart and Jerry Sullivan, held a great message for these times, that everything is there for us, at the feet of God. “Road to Jericho” is a gospel song written by dear friend, songwriter and fellow Islander, Norm Bowser. The CD finishes of with a song written by Irish singer/songwriter, Shunie Crampsey, “There’s a Blue Moon Over My World” and Janet fell in love with the song the first time she heard it.

This album was produced by Serge Bernard, of Diamond Productions PEI & Bryan Poirier of Victorian House Studio in Nfld.  Serge and Bryan handled much of the instrumentation, and Janet also drew from top shelf session artists including Troy Engle, Jamie Graves, Mario Robichaud, and Kiersten Fage for their masterful touches bringing these songs to life.  The project was mastered by Jason Whelan of The Sound Solution in Nfld.

Wearin’ the Blues (2:48)
Bryan Poirier – Guitar, Low Tenor
Serge Bernard – Banjo, Bass , Baritone
Troy Engle – Mandolin, Fiddle

When I Was Yours (2:57)
Bryan Poirier – Low Tenor Vocal
Serge Bernard – Bass, Baritone Vocal
Troy Engle – Guitars, Percussion, Fiddle

Leave it There (3:09)
Bryan Poirier – Guitar, Low Tenor Vocal
Serge Bernard – Bass, Baritone Vocal
Troy Engle – Guitar, Octave Mandolin, Dobro

Beyond the River Bend (2:47)
Bryan Poirier – Auto Harp, Rhythm Guitar, Low Tenor Vocal
Serge Bernard – Lead Guitar, Bass, Baritone Vocal

After You’re Gone (3:43)
Serge Bernard – Bass
Troy Engle – Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar, High Strung Guitar , Violin, Drums
Jamie Graves – piano

Remind Me, Dear Lord (3:10)
Bryan Poirier – Guitar, Low Tenor Vocal
Serge Bernard – Bass, Baritone Vocal
Troy Engle – Fiddle, Dobro, Guitar, Mandolin

Hear the Voice of My Beloved (3:59)
Serge Bernard – Bass
Troy Engle – Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro, Violin, Viola

It That Isn’t Love (3:41)
Bryan Poirier – Guitars, Low Tenor Vocal
Serge Bernard – Bass, Baritone Vocal

Slippers with Wings (3:26)
Bryan Poirier – Guitars

At the Feet of God (4:30)
Bryan Poirier – Mandolin , Bass , Guitar , Low Tenor
Serge Bernard – Baritone Vocal
Kiersten Fage – Cello

Road to Jericho (2:52)
Bryan Poirier – Guitars, Mandolin, Low Tenor Vocal
Serge Bernard – Banjo, Bass, Baritone Vocal

Blue Moon Over My World (5:06)
Bryan Poirier – Guitar
Mario Robichaud – Piano



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